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We’re trusted by small and mid-sized companies and teams to help them implement CRM and cloud tools that drive sales, service & marketing activities. We guarantee that you and your team will get fast results and payback, using world-class technology solutions, on affordable budgets.

CRM & Sales Technology Specialists for SMEs

We help small and mid-sized teams and companies to use CRM and cloud tools to grow customers and drive revenue. Our highly affordable onboarding packages ensure that within days, owners, managers and users see early wins, as they get a better handle on customer, sales, marketing and service activities. Our global experience with commercial managers makes us a comfortable choice for SME companies that want CRM and cloud tools to make a fast impact on areas such as lead and customer management, where payback is measurable and meaningful.

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Easy CRM Starter Kit for Small & Mid-Sized Companies

Experienced team that understands small and mid-sized companies.

We’re so confident that you’ll get immediate benefits from CRM, we’re giving you free onboarding services worth EUR1,500. Just to get you started and experience the benefits quickly!

Get a handle on your Growing Customer Base

Get on top of customer inquiries, support & service through a central view of information & communications. And give field staff instant access through mobile.

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Get Practical CRM Tools to Grow New Business

Maximise lead conversion, create more opportunities, track progress accurately, and make it easy for Marketing, Sales & Service staff to collaborate.

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Cloud CRM Solutions
CRM Best Overall

Sales6ix also has some secret sauce to help you drive new business!

Never miss or lose another sales opportunity, make sales reporting easy and drive more new business.

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Free Trial of Sage CRM!

Find out how Sage CRM can help your business with this free trial of Sage!

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Fail-Safe CRM!

Find out how to make sure you get your CRM set up correctly, the first time!

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Get Cloud Ready!

Find out you can benefit from managing your business and CRM from the cloud!

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